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10-08-2003, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by HotToddy
I'm sorry but Comrie has a right to be peeved at being publicly chastized by K-Lowe. Why does K-Lowe need to vent himself in public? What good does it do? Would it be right if Mike Comrie in the summer told a reporter "Gee K-Lowe really undermined our team by trading two of our best players and I really think he should of waited to the draft where he would have gotten more value and gave us a better chance in the playoffs this year"

That statement would have been pretty acurate yet I guarantee you the Oiler management would have been fuming. K-Lowe needs to bottle up his intensity and keep his big mouth shut.
Atheletes get criticized all the time. They make enough money that they should be able to take it. Look, Comrie made $3.5M in bonuses. I totally agree that he earned these bonuses and worked hard get them, battled through injury etc. But the fact is, he disappeared in the playoffs. That's what probably pissed Lowe off. Remember, players aren't paid in the playoffs. Also, he wasn't singled out by Lowe. He was part of a group. Smyth could have done the same when he re-negotiated his deal. Salo could have requested a trade. Comrie has probably never been critisized in his whole career. Now he gets criticized and he can't take it, pure and simple.

Hey this subject has been beaten to death.

I do agree 100% with you that I hope K-lo, Muckler and Risebrough stick to their guns. Actually I am kinda surprised about Muckler's very rigid stance (previous post).

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