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another getting into hockey thread

This thread also kind of doubles as an intro thread so here's my story..

So to be honest, up till like 3 years ago I had never watched or cared about hockey. Then I started playing it on xbox and got hooked (odd?) Started watching the caps and well that brings us to two weeks ago..

I just decided I wanted to play hockey. Previous to that I had skated twice in my entire life. Since then I've gotten out to 3 public skate sessions(about an hour each) I'd consider myself naturally athletic and have been picking it up pretty quickly. I have no issues accelerating, turning, quick turns(like dodging that little kid who just walked out infront of me) crossovers, I can stop with my right foot and and am starting to be able to stop with my left. I can also do the hockey stop where you push both feet out with your toes in. I can skate backwards slowly, however the public skate is usually so busy I don't have a lot of room to work on it.

With the help of christmas and a mini buying spree on my part I was able to assemble most of my gear, just wanted to lay it out there to see if anyone sees any issues or areas to upgrade before I rip the tags off.

Skates = Bauer Vapor X:20

Helmet = Bauer 1500 + full cage

Gloves = Bauer Vapor X:20

Shoulders = Reebok 3k

Shins = Reebok 2k

= Reebok 2k

Pants = Easton S3

Stick = Easton S3 (Zetterberg)

I also got one of those short things with the built in cup. So what else do I need?

My plan from here on out is to take an adult intro to hockey class in march, then get into a summer league after that.

Also...I'm about 5'10" and 165 lbs how much bigger is the average beer leaguer? Really just wondering if I should be worrying about bulking up in the next 3 months.

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