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Originally Posted by zorz View Post
First part of this is that I really think Czech kids grow a little bit slower... I always wonder how big Canadians are at such young age. The second part is that hight and weight of these young Czech players can often be old and not that accurate in various resources. It's probably both these things together.
Makes sense, similar to the Finns and Germans in that sense, also quite a bit of Swedes grow after their draft years (Rodin, Karlsson, Almqvist). It seems Euros in general physically develop slower than their North American peers, there are examples all over from Russia to Slovakia as well and they tend to add mass later since they are still growing in height. As for why the Canadian kids are so big at a young age I can't tell you why. I just know that there are alot of southern Europeans in Canada (French, Italians) and numerous amounts of people are mixed with and contain Southern European blood. These people in Southern Europe typically develop earlier than other europeans from my understanding.

This analogy is not so good now that I think about it but I don't really know.
Likely something to do with the growth patterns amongst different ethnic groups, average age of puberty and whatnot.

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