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Originally Posted by SouthpawTRK View Post
Welcome to the wonderful world of ice hockey! It's funny how life is and how the act of playing hockey on xbox was the catalyst to your interest in playing hockey. Here's what I would add to your list:

1. Make sure to get your skates sharpened; maybe start with a 1/2" or 5/8" cut.

2. Make sure that you get a good helmet; fit and protection are key here. Also, make sure that you get a full cage or a shield/cage combo unless you like catching a stick and/or puck to the face. If you plan on playing in a beer league, most entry level divisions require a full cage.

3. You will need some miscellaneous items such as socks to go over your shin guards, stick tape, clear shin tape, bag for your gear, skate guards/soakers, maybe a lace tightener.
Thanks for the quick reply!

1. The guy at the shop I bought the skates at sharpened them there, he didn't ask me what cut or whatever I wanted so I have no idea what they are at now, but I do know that they are a million times better then the rental skates.

2. Yea I have no problem with the full cage. I'd rather keep my face intact! At play it again I tried on the Bauer 1500 helmet/cage combo and just in general it felt better then the CCM Vector. However the large kept falling down on my forehead and they didn't have many other choices. However the 1500 is pretty bottom dollar isn't it? If there's one thing I'm thinking is worth splurging on would be the helmet. But then again I'm not really sure if I need a $100+ helmet.

3. Yea I had intended to buy the hockey socks but the only colors they had in stock was yellow and red so I just decided to wait for black to come back in stock. I'm totally lost on the whole stick tape thing, not really sure how is the right way to do all that. Also, whats the clear shin tape for?

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