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10-08-2003, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by HotToddy
I'm sorry but Comrie has a right to be peeved at being publicly chastized by K-Lowe. Why does K-Lowe need to vent himself in public? What good does it do? Would it be right if Mike Comrie in the summer told a reporter "Gee K-Lowe really undermined our team by trading two of our best players and I really think he should of waited to the draft where he would have gotten more value and gave us a better chance in the playoffs this year"

That statement would have been pretty acurate yet I guarantee you the Oiler management would have been fuming. K-Lowe needs to bottle up his intensity and keep his big mouth shut.
Do you have a link to what Lowe supposedly said? From my memory, Lowe's comments were rather tame compared to what someone like Burke or Quinn would've done in his place, nor was Comrie the only Oiler player singled out...yet he is the only one reportedly with his nose out of joint about it. If this is truly the case, time for him to grow a set.

IMO, this impasse has a LOT more to do with Comrie not wanting to live in a fishbowl anymore than anything about being publicly criticized.

Sitting him out for the whole year will not solve anything, because he just doesn't seem to want to be here anymore. He can say this or that, but his actions and demeanour say more.

At the beginning of camp, some of the players (Smyth for one) were talking about how it would be good to get Comrie back into the fold...they're not talking anymore.

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