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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Or like Coburn, Leighton, Shelley (who knows why), and those are just the guys currently on the team.
Well, if the likes of Giroux, Pronger, Richards, Carter are NOT being overpaid, while Leighton and Shelley are .... that means the overall amount of overpayment is not very high .... cuz Leighton and Shelley and these guys are lower in the depth chart and making less money on average....

You know what I'm saying? It hurts a team if their top players are being overpaid rather than their lesser players.

Like, if a guy is worth 5 mil/yr and you're paying him 6-7 mil, that accounts for 1-2 mil of overpayment....

Whereas if someone should really be paid 1 mil but u've got him at 1.2 or 1.3 mil.... you can sorta say
'meh, a 200,000 the grand scheme of things, with a 57 million dollar budget, does 200k really make a huge difference'....

<And yes I know a whole bunch of 200-300 k overpayments can add up .. every penny counts in a cap world etc etc ... but still ...>

I'm just glad Philly isnt making big overpayments on major pieces of the team, like the Laughs with Phaneuf ... in comparison the Philly overpayments look somewhat trivial, like a 4th line guy somewhere that's getting 200k too much ....

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