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Originally Posted by RJ8812 View Post
had a gf whose family was all Habs fans, Dad & 2 brothers (not the annoying/arrogant type though). She liked to watch hockey, was pretty knowledgeable and actually played up until her teenage years, but didn't really have a fav team. We started dating when the Flyers were in the playoffs in 2009, the year they lost in the first round to the Pens. She knew that I wanted to watch the games (I could careless about missing a regular season game, but playoffs are a different story) and she was cool with that, and to my surprise she wanted to watch them with me. The good thing was she wasnt the annoying type that always talks through the game. I wasnt really trying to turn her into a Flyers fan, but I could tell she was starting to like them, but I wasnt sure if she was just doing that to be on my side or not.

We ended up breaking up a few months later, but we still remained friends. During this past season's playoff run, I was talking to her before the SCF began and she mentioned how she was rooting for them when they faced the Habs and that she hopes they win the Cup after what they were able to accomplish in the Bruins series. I laughed and joked that it seemed like she had been following them during their run and sounds like a closet fan. She just laughed and said that she caught the odd came. At least I had some sort of lasting impression on her!
If that is the girl in your avatar then hopefully you left a few other lasting impressions on her as well.

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