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12-28-2010, 08:51 PM
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Zucc on his experience after 2 games...

Not that where players dress is a determining factor in their relationships, but the layout does aid the younger players in their adaptation to the NHL, sticking together as they have veterans nearby to provide guidance.

ďVinnyís been Ė almost from day one in camp, heís been talking to me a lot, and heís just a nice guy,Ē Zuccarello said. ďThen you have Sauer, who I can talk to about Hartford and those things. Heís been there and knows how it is to get up here. Youíve got Step, too, itís a good feeling Ė Stepís been taking care of me now, and itís a good thing for him to do. He drove me to practice today, him and (Brian Boyle) are taking care of me. Itís a great group of guys, and you feel comfortable coming into the locker room. Everybodyís nice to you and itís Ė like I said a hundred million times before, itís just a great feeling to be here.Ē

After two NHL games, with a shootout goal in his debut and an assist last night, Zuccarello is starting to feel more like he looks Ė like someone who belongs here.

ďThese two first games, itís been unbelievable,Ē the Norwegian winger said. ďIíve been playing a lot, playing every situation, so you get more and more comfortable, but itís a long way to go to get real comfortable. Iím still a rookie, Iíve only played two games. Ö Itís a little different setup (from the AHL), forechecking a little bit more and how we forecheck and stuff like that. First game, I was thinking about Ďwhere do I go now?í Hopefully that just sticks in your mind and you just go like that every time and get comfortable.Ē

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