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12-28-2010, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
The most frustrating thing about a percentages slump like this one is the panicked nonsense that gets written all over the place. Of course, when you keep losing by three it's easy to get fooled into thinking your team is playing a lot worse than it actually is, as the score colors every perception of the game.

It is, of course, a load of crap. Folks, this is nothing like the previous slumps they had back when they were actually bad, and would genuinely get pasted in all areas of the game. This time, they've outplayed teams more often than not and haven't been winning. They'll come out of this just like Washington came out of their own streak of bad luck. And they'll get to winning again... playing pretty much like they are now.

And I'm looking forward to the nonsense that will get written then to explain it.
I agree with this. Montreal has generally outplayed most of the teams this roadtrip, the only game they've won was the one they got outplayed(Carolina). The scores do not indicate the play in the slightest, the offense is completely snakebitten. I am not to worried at what is to come because as soon as the offense starts up again, Montreal will start winning games. Right now there are a lot of odd-men rushes because the defense is pinching way more than usual to help out the lack of scoring and are getting caught. Once the offense starts up we'll see less pinches and less odd-men rushes. Our forwards have 0 confidence right now, they are holding their sticks tighter and forcing their shots causing them to miss the net etc. The chances have been there, the finishing hasn't, but as usual things will get blown out proportion. Teams slump that's how sports work. Montreal is no different from other teams.

Anyway, MathMan I agree with your points. One thing I'd like to point out is that the start of this slump was due to coaching rather than the team. Martin panicked and sent this team in a spiral with stupid decisions after stupid decisions. He's a good coach when things are going well, but a bad one when things get rough. He's tries to pin losses on certain players and it looks like it just pisses the team off. He needs to relax and let his players get out of the groove especially since we were losing games because of a lack of finishing(we've outplayed most of the teams during our slump). A couple of fluke goals against and everything changes.

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