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Originally Posted by bauer View Post
now that both Bouch and Bob have been shelled in each of their last game. i'm not the biggest Leighton fan but i do think it's time he got a start. at least to see what he can do. rolling with 3 goalies is just plain stupid, it's a complete waste of cap space. they need to either play him, or waive him.

does anyone think he'll get a start before the end of this road trip?
First off let me say that it was not the goaltending that lost the last two games... Florida couldn't be beat without scoring a goal, but Bob wasn't what he was at his best but was hung out to dry a bit if I recall... Boosh held in there most of the time but did let in a bad one to cap off their scoring.

Tonight I can't pin the loss on the goaltending as much as on the complete bad team effort... IMO, due greatly to the horrible scheduling and human nature allowing bad discipline, the last two games were lost by the team taking off for the Holiday vacation early in a sandwich game that was pretty easy to predict... and the team just being flat out unprepared to battle off of an eight day layoff that should never have been scheduled... Lay that all on the entire team... no excuses as they should have not let it happen. They better show what they have going forward, or rethink their position as a League elite team... They will be okay I believe.

Now back on topic... The big concern I see with the three goalie situation is that two of the three are waiver players and if demoted would probably not be able to be recalled before the Postseason without losing them and half their contract and Cap hit -- two years worth for Leighton at twice Boosh's rate -- and Bob is the targeted goalie of the next decade who they hope to get up to par this season... Leighton cannot be completely counted on to stay healthy and Homer has expressed his concern on that. Send Boosh down and that leaves Backlund as the back up for Bob if Leighton gets injured... Sad to say the safest way is sending Bob down because he can be recalled without clearing waivers.

With the LTIR situation actually not allowing the Flyers to bank Cap space, carrying the three goalies is actually not hurting the team and is the safest path without demoting Bobrovsky... If Homer can live with this situation up to near the Trade Deadline, it shouldn't hurt the team. Before the TDL he could make a move when sure of which goalies give him the best chance of success and if Leighton can stay healthy and Bob can be the answer.

That is my view on the subject... I don't see the situation as stupid... just not what Homer or any of us would really like to have, but do have.

EDIT: Oh yeah, haha... to answer the question; I'd give a start on this trip and work in all three... I'd try to get Bob back on track mainly though.

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