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12-29-2010, 01:09 AM
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That there's more people competing for scoring placements in a 30 team league drawing from a far larger population of talent from multiple countries than there is in a 6 team league compromised purely of players from Canada...

I'm not saying it's 5 times easier to do what they did, who really knows, it's actually just basic math though as crazy as that is for you to believe, lol... nothing personal on original 6 players.

You'll figure it out somewhere along the way if you care to.
We all know the talent pool has changed. The people you're condescending to have a long history of debate and study on this board where they discuss things like that that. No one has denied it. Everyone is aware of it, it comes up regularly, and by pretending that you'd suspect someone like TDMM wouldn't have "figured it out" you're only making a fool of yourself.

You cited league size as though the competition is five times as hard in a league five five times as big, as though the players on the new teams are clones of the originals. The talent pool does not increase proportionately with league size. Stan Mikita's 1968 Hart Trophy was no harder than his 1967 Hart Trophy even though there were twice as many teams.

You cited league size as a factor, were corrected, then started talking about the talent pool, which is a different factor and which no one has denied is a factor, like it's this new thing we've never heard of and you're blowing our minds with it. You are pretending you were arguing a different point than you really were, presumably to avoid admitting to yourself you were corrected.