Thread: Speculation: Del Zotto to Connecticut?
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12-29-2010, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Pugs35 View Post
Del Zotto has also played on the 2nd pairing against better players while Gilroy has played on the bottom pairing for far fewer games.

Del Zotto has made his mistakes, and hasn't been as dynamic as last year for sure, but I don't think sending him to the A is really going to help him that much.

Also, Gilroy's performance last night and the reaction here reminds me more of Prucha's last few years in NY. Every time he got a game and scored a goal this whole board would blow up and claim that he's back, that he's figured it out, and that the confidence he was playing with would change everything. We'll see I guess, but I don't have very high hopes.
the difference between prucha and gilroy is vast. what happened to prucha his first year benefits of being on the same line as jagr. same can be seen for dubinsky his first year in the league - even though now he's showing he can do it on his own as well as being on a line with the top goal scorer of a team.

prucha directly benefitted from being on the top line. jagr was a great play maker. once prucha was removed from that line it all went down hill. he had to become his own play maker whereas before he just had to capitalize on the chances sent to him AND THAT'S where the problem was. initially, when prucha was on the first line, renney could look past the fact that prucha was very undersized and was always getting thrown around, because he was productive... however when prucha was moved down to the 3rd and 4th lines, lines expected to be high energy ones, prucha was highly ineffective, due to his lack of size and lack of ability to create his own chances.

gilroy on the other hand is fundamentally a poor defenseman. it shows that he was originally a winger, he has that mentality. he's too undersized to be a defenseman. additionally, and more importantly, his positioning is poor on the ice and thus on the defensive end, gilroy has become kind of a liability.

the 2 goals against the islanders are giving everyone false hope. he had 2 lucky breaks. we've all heard the saying "shoot the puck, you never know what can happen". well, on those 2 shots, the puck was deflected by islander players, and roloson couldnt adjust. he didn't do anything spectacularly, he didnt create scoring opportunities, lady luck just looked down upon him. people need to grasp that.

del zotto on the other hand seems to be in the sophmore slump. personally, i'd rather him work out his problems now and improve by the time playoffs roll around. aside from that, what i've noticed with del zotto is his carelessness more so than his inability to be a defenseman. he can hit, his positioning is good when he's focusing, and his passes are good when he makes good decisions. however, it seems to me like sometimes he has poor judgment decisions, or sometimes he loses focus, or maybe it's just a lack of confidence, and thus his contribution to the team is really suffering. i think we see del zotto there within the next 4 games.

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