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Originally Posted by Cognition View Post
Talent is a lot more fluid than you're making out. Malkin won the Art Ross on the second line because being that good let him get the ice time. Teams trade players they don't have roster room for if they're that good. The waiving system stops teams from hoarding talent in the AHL. Minor leagues have leagues below them where players compete to get into the minor league. Teams aren't just this static thing. If the Sharks and Ducks and Lightning never entered the league, they wouldn't be these AHL franchises where Thornton and Getzlaf and St. Louis and Stamkos wouldn't be competing for scoring titles. Those players would be on different NHL teams.

While more teams does make talent more fluid and probably makes improvements and late bloomers more likely, that's not the idea that starts debates like this. It's this idea that the number of teams as such increases your competition because there are more players officially in contention for the trophy by being in the NHL. In reality, all players are competing with all players in the world for the NHL spots that let them get those trophies.
I never said that players like Thornton and Getzlaf and St. Louis would be in the minors, but that a lot of stars may not get the same opportunities playing second fiddle to bigger stars. Yes, things are fluid within a team, and if a player is deserving of more time he would get it, but I'm not really talking about Art Rosses and trophies. I think the very top spots would always be similar. But when you start looking at the 8th, 9th, 10th place scorers, there seems to be a lot more competition for those spots. Part of it is a talent increase, and part of it is opportunity created by more top line positions. A guy who might get an 8th place finish if he was playing on a top line and PP with great linemates on one team, might only be a 14th place finish on another team with a great first line and not much depth. I think there's so much that can go into point totals and there's so much fluctuation on a yearly basis that more teams are bound to affect it to some extent. It's certainly not 5 times harder though.

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