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12-29-2010, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by mouser View Post
Yes and no. With 103 days remaining in the 186 day season [55.4%], a team claiming Rolston now would get half of 55.4% contract/cap for the remainder of 10-11. For Rolston that would be salary of $1,384k and cap hit of $1,402k in 2010-2011 for a team that claimed him.

However if you look at Cap Geek to see how much "Cap Space" teams have, that doesn't mean a team with $1.5m in cap space could claim him. The Cap Space figures on capgeek are all prorated to total value of the contract and days remaining in the season, so a team would still need $2.5m in cap space for 2010-2011 to add him if you go by the capgeek numbers.
This is exactly correct. If a team wants to claim Rolston on re-entry, the team has to have at least 2.5M this year AND next year in cap space to add his 2.5M cap hit. With the Wisniewski trade yesterday, I have to think if he's claimed, it'll be by the Islanders. If they don't claim him, I think he clears.

I have a question I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to. How was Rolston assigned to Albany now? He cleared waivers on the 15th of December. That was two whole weeks ago. The Devils kept him on the roster when he cleared and he played after clearing, yet they're allowed to assign him two weeks after clearing? I'm just wondering why they wouldn't have had to waive him again. Unless with waivers you have a certain time period where you can assign to the minors, but TWO WEEKS later? Why didn't they have to waive him again, say yesterday, and have him clear again before he could be assigned to the minors?

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