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10-08-2003, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
Did some of you even read the friggin intro to the article?

You know the 8 or so paragraphs talking about these are players who will be not only the future stars, but the guy the media can go to later on and get a real quote from, guys who will really appeal to the fan base, and give them stuff to talk about.

It wasn't the order of the most skilled, it was a combination of those factors.

Hemsky is looking like he will be a star in this league. He has already done very well in the few interviews I have seen, both recognizing his shortcomings, but also giving credit to linemates, etc... And let's not forget fan appeal. Is there anyone in Edmonton who doesn't love this kid, and who would organize a seige on Oiler headquarters if Lowe were to trade him? And let's not forget the fans of other teams who have been wowed by him.
Future stars? Joe Thornton already is a star and well on his way to becoming a superstar is his own right. Even Kovy and Heater (before the accident) could be considered stars already as could Vincent.

Hemsky doesn't even have a firm grasp of the English language yet. Let's hold off bfore we coin him the Alex Mogilny of the Czech Republic. If those are the categories that Maguire is ranking them by, it still doesn't work.

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