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12-29-2010, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by ReenMachine View Post
With the hottest goalie stretch you could hope for , we couldn't get past the Flyers team.Not to mention Cammalleri is VERY unlikely to repeat.Where does that leave us for the next couple of years? We're very unlikely to draft a star even if you never know , and our young players , while good , are not exactly players that will bring you to the cup when comparing with other teams. Our 3 players are making too much money and there's not that many superstar we can sign in the next 3 years.Markov could be done for good and the chemistry is getting worse every minute.
you know the era you're speaking of will last another 4 years, and A LOT can happen in four years...

So yeah, with our losing streak and the way the three guys are playing right now it doesnt look good... but hey, lest not forget half a team was let go over a single summer so...

now, knowing the "era" will last four years, where do you see guys like Eller, Weber, Price, Subban, Pouliot, Pyatt (even though he doesnt have much offense, he's still the "king of PK"), Leblanc maybe, or Tinordi ?

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