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12-29-2010, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Well it willbe intersting to see where MCNEILL is on Central Scouting's Mid-terms in relation to COLIN JACOBS the other "BIG" draft-eligible centre loking to go first round from this draft's DUB crop...

I believe NHL Central Scouting had MCNEILL severl rankings ahead of Jacobs in the prelim. ranking--but I see where HF's staff has Jacobs in its top 10 prospects from the DUB for the draft and not MCNEILL in that top ten from the Dub for the draft..

So the question is which of the 2 big centres is the better prospect (those who have seen both play-,please comment--I have seen neither play..what are the differences in their games?
I like them both, and they are both quite similar. I have also seen both play live.

I think that McNeill is the more rugged of the two and is the more physical player. I think Jacobs might be a little bit more offensively gifted, but I wouldn't say it's by much.

I like McNeill more, but I have also seen him play several more times compared to Jacobs. Should be interesting to see where they end up in the draft though.

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