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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
If you aren't going to pay for an overpriced gaming mouse then you probably won't be disappointed by any middle of the road mouse.

If you want to deal with a mail in rebate, this mouse is much better and cheaper:
I looked into that. It was $55 at Best Buy. I have a $25 gift card though, so if I get the Intellimouse I get it for $15. Cheapest I found for the MX518 is $37. I could, of course, attempt ***** out Best Buy until they cave and match the Amazon price.

You seem to get a lot more for the MX518, not sure if I'd want all the extra buttons and crap. And the wheel isn't supposed to be too good outside of gaming. I'll be using the mouse 90% of the time for browsing. That's why I leaned toward the Intellimouse.

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