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Originally Posted by mememe000 View Post
I would pay for a better helmet. I think I paid around $150 for mine and it was worth it. It isn't even close to being wore out yet and its been like three years since I got it. The safety for your head is really worth it, last season one of the guys on my team got a small concussion, just in rec B!

I would say for the rest of your gear it really depends on how you play. I'm a aggressive forward and most of my gear doesn't get much of a workout; however, I need some good pants because I'm always flying into the boards butt first (cutting people off, non-contact level) and good knee pads because I block the shots from the point with my legs. Other then that, I could play naked and not get hurt.

Right now I don't have a good pair of pants, and my @$$ always hurts the day after I play.
I tried on the bauer 4500 and 5100 as well as a few CCM models but the 1500 just felt the best on my head. It wasn't a money issue.

As far as playing style..I don't really plan on being too aggressive. My biggest enemy starting out is gonna be myself and the ice. So I'm just worried about busting my ass but my pants feel pretty good.

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