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12-29-2010, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
I like how everyone is dog piling on Omark after an announcer and a colour guy erroneously fingered him for a poor giveaway that led to a goal. There were three Sabres on Omark on that play. What was he supposed to do? Where was the puck support?

There was none. A bunch of guys with fingers up their noses. But its all Omark's fault. One mistake and he is a healthy scratch. Rob Schremp all over again. Meanwhile Cogliano blows multiple plays a game and gets promoted. Hilarious.

If Penner is willing to stay with this joke of a franchise, we need to keep him. Not only is has he been our leading goal scorer the last two seasons, he is the only guy with any size and durability up front. The minute we trade him is the minute we start looking for a replacement for him. That kind of bumfoolery has to stop or this team is going nowhere.
I think its more of an accumulation of things for Omark. He wasnt actually benched after that play yesterday. He came out like 2 shifts later, didnt do anything so was benched until the PP (played exclusively that).

I know people want to protect Omark and everything but maybe some of you guys should re-watch that play b/c i think only Replacement did and he saw what i saw. He fanned at the puck at centre, so went to his own zone, fanned again. Then 3 Buffalo players closed on him so he tried to 1 hand the puck away.

I know people will say he didnt play with this player or this player. But he got PP time and played with PRV (who was doing well before). If he gets sent down its mostly b/c ever since the Columbus game hes done absolutely 0.

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