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12-29-2010, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by plm12 View Post
Giguere had a .900 save % and 3.14 GAA with a 6 mil cap hit prior to getting traded. Granted he was only 32, he has only gotten worse. If Giguere can be traded with stats and a salary like that, I think Thomas can.

Trading Thomas will not make us better right now. I agree not playing doesn't really help Tuukka's development, but he will see time this year. Once Thomas cools down, Rask will play.

I'm guessing they are gonna go with option number two. I can't see them trading away Rask in a deal for PMD. He's too valuable to give up.
Giguere is a completely different situation, at 32 years old you can expect a bounce back and its a lot easier to take a chance, at 37 or 38 that's a completely different situation.

trading Thomas wont make them immediately better, but it will next season when they can use that money to upgrade more pressing needs. as i've stated i dont think this team as currently constructed has what it takes to win a Cup. a lotta people are putting way too much stock in Thomas, like he's gunna carry them to the SCF ala Hasek.

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