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06-21-2005, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666
but what has Betts done that would warrant getting resigned other than being 25?

The fact that it would be a total waste of valuable funds is argument enough not to sign a player that misses 75% of his teams games.
Waste of valuable funds? Betts is making $500k. If he's affected by the rollback (still up in the air at this point, but I haven't heard of the rollback Brook mentioned since January), he'll make $380k. League minimum salary will be at least $300k when the new CBA is signed. How much cheaper do you think NHL players can get?

The fact that he's limited in every aspect of the game itself is another reason that we should pass and finally, there's a whole farm team full of players that can and should play his position.

Blair Betts = Ken Gernander a career AHL'er that may get a cup of coffee, like throwing a dog a bone.
That's a pretty bold statement to make, pld. How many times have you seen Betts play? Betts is an NHL player. He earned a regular spot with the Flames before he was injured again. Right now, a healthy Betts is more effective at the NHL level than Giroux, Moore, Murray, and Hollweg, just to name a few.

People, this is the same song and dance we've been through numerous times. If a player isn't a star, then he's deemed replaceable and pushed aside, that is, until a few years go by and we realize that he would fit pretty nicely into our lineup. This is a young, cheap forward with leadership abilities who plays a sound defensive game and kills penalties. Why, after the past 7 years, are some of you so eager to ship out this type of player?

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