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12-30-2010, 12:08 PM
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Well just to give a little update...

I went to a public skate last night and the place was deserted. It was amazing, I skated hard for a good hour and a half. Did a few laps going backwards, still only about jogging or slow running speed but I didn't want to push it without gear on. Worked on my stopping and actually managed to do the hockey stop. I can't go from full speed to stopped on a dime, but I can go from 100% to 30% on a dime!

This morning I went to a stick and puck. The first few mins on the ice were pretty akward like now that I had a stick and gear on I totally forgot how to skate. I got invited to play a half court style game with a group of older guys and their kids. The older guys were all really good..the kids ranged from first time with hockey stuff like me, to been playing since they could walk.

Here are some comments/questions..

-Was fairly accurate. I could pick corners or a post to hit and if not hit it, get within a few inches. What a pleasant surprise that was

-Had trouble with wrist shot fluttering. Asked the one guy about it, he told me to not open my wrists so much on the follow through and to put weight on the stick to have the flex do the work for me. It doubled my wrist shot power in an instant. Although I can't seem to combine this strategy with moving wrist shots only stationary.

-Had no trouble elevating the puck, could launch it into the nets if i wanted to. But it always seemed to flutter when I put a lot of air under it?

-I don't have my socks yet, so I just had my shinguards uncovered. One issue I kept having is the bottom lip of my pants getting behind the top lip of my shinguard. Will the socks solve this? or is that what the tape is for.

-I got a blister on the inside arch of my foot. I've never had an issue with this the other times I've been skating. Is this just due to the more aggresive cuts etc.. of actual hockey vs skating in a large circle?

-I went down twice. It is a million times better in pads!

-Can't skate backwards in a game situation. Drills for building confidence with this? or just come with time?

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