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12-30-2010, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by WestIslander View Post
If Tampa wants to do a 1 for 1 deal, Gomez for Lecavalier I think that 80% of Habs fan would ne happy.

Besides that, I think Lecavalier brings way more to the table than Gomez does.


- Leadership
- Scoring ability
- Grit
- Play making
- Etc.
If Lecavalier had more grit than Gomez he would be putting up more than 70 points a year, that speaks to both grit and leadership.

Scoring, yes, Lecavalier is way ahead of gomez there, better shooter and shoots a lot more, he is also a lot bigger.

Better playmaking?? Are you serious? Gomez has played for 3 of the most defensive teams in New Jersey Montreal and NYR, Vinnie has played on a run and gun team most of his career yet...

Gomez 819 GP 489 A 0.60 Assist per game
Vinnie 890 GP 421 A 0.48 Assist per game

Vinnie has more ability than Gomez, superstar ability, but he is producing well below that, you have to ask yourself why?

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