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12-30-2010, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Yeah it's like hrmmmm 7.5 million a year for 9 years or 4 million a year for 9 years.

Hrmmm nice weather, almost total anonymity, no pressure... or **** weather most of the season, no freedom/privacy, way more pressure and fans who want to crucify him the minute he goes on a slump?

Must have been a real tough decision

All I can say is that if he was willing to consider losing all that money in order to play here but then thought about the latter part of my statement and didn't, shame on you fans and media.

PS: To the people who keep making comments such as "we could dump Gomez for a low pick" no we couldn't. I don't know how much more clear I can be about how untrue that is. You would have to give up at least a low pick just to get somebody to take him if that, nevermind somebody giving up a pick for him

Dream world pipe dream fantasy sorry to tell you. And to those of you saying we could get rid of him when his cap hit is 5 to a team that needs a center and has tons of cap space, 90% of the teams with tons of cap space are there because they can't afford to spend to the cap not because they want to have all that free space and the ones that do have all that free space certainly don't want to give up assets in order to acquire Gomez even if his cap hit is 5 million in the remaining years, it's called July 1st and there are always plenty of players available who will go for 5 million cap hit who are better than Gomez.

As a Gomez fan even I know this. He's a 4-4.5 million dollar player max that during a lucky period got overpaid. Nobody is going to trade assets to have a guy like him for two years at 5 million and frankly they'd have to give up 7.5 million dollars anyways in terms of finances. What team in the cap basement would do that? They're there because they can only afford to be and the ones that can afford to do better are biding their time saving that money for a guy like Richards etc not crossing their fingers that Gauthier gives them Gomez for a 5th round pick.

I know a lot of you don't like Gomez but it won't ever happen nor would Gauthier even attempt to trade him. He's part of this team whether you like it or not and no delusional fantasy world is going to change that. Sorry to say but thinking a team will take Gomer at any point in time aside from dead line deal in his final year is bordering on delusional.
After next season I think you'd see teams interested in a guy like Gomez if he can produce at the 60+ point level. For 10-12 teams the salary cap doesn't matter much as they only spend 40-45 mil. It then becomes a question of is he worth 10 mil for 2 years. in salary.

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