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12-30-2010, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by PuckBoy33 View Post
Sounds like a borderline obsession. Maybe A&E will do a reality series on jersey collectors.
Well, I'm glad you said "borderline"... I guess.

Hobbies and interests are a personal thing... and can be admired by some, while they can make other shake their heads. I was once told by an old mentor of mine that one should never tell anybody what they spend on their hobby; they are most always disproportionate to common sense and seem a waste to those who have no interest... no matter the expenditures, even the low ones.

I have a minor jersey collection that is not anywhere near a quality one, nor is it one that holds to minor detail -- although I am anal with certain points... such as a player has to have worn that style and year jersey and has to have had the patches on the jerseys on the ones they wore -- I have mostly replicas and some do not have on-ice style customization... Most I either have signed or plan to get signed. I mostly have them signed myself rather than buying pre-signed... and when possible I have them sign it to me (my name) personally, thus they are really worth less to other collectors but worth more to me.

I have worn all my jerseys to games -- I attend at minimum half the home games and some road games each season plus at least half the postseason and preseason games so I have had a lot of opportunities to wear them all -- I play it by ear who which to wear on what games... and work in past players with certain occasions and certain teams (Knuble/Washington... Recchi/Boston... Leach/Clarke for retro occasions... Olympic jerseys around the Olympics, etc. -- So my obsession is kind practical also... and I never spend retail so it really is not a great luxury nor a waste of money.

All that said, is is an obsession and I always say I don't need another jersey since I have more than enough to wear to games... but somehow another one pops up in my closet.

A&E may find it interesting... as may the Health Channel when its topic is mental health.

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