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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Did you get the skates baked? How was the fitting? That's pretty key.

Sounds like you've got a heck of a shot for a beginner! The fluttering is likely due to not closing the blade/rolling the wrists on the follow through. It takes a while to get the timing down, so keep practicing.
I didn't get them baked. In hindsight, I should of waited for a more knowledgeable person to help me get skates. I was just excited and wanted to buy them ASAP. The girl who "helped" me get skates was slightly less then helpful. I put on the x:20's and said.."yea I mean it feels good I guess, I don't really know what I'm supposed to be feeling though?" She kinda stammered out that she didn't really know either. I tried on a few other models..I can't remember what they were but the x:20's definitely felt the best out of the 4 I tried.

The fitting on them is pretty good..I think. My feet are pretty normal..if anything a little bit on the narrower side which I've read is what the vapors are for. Maybe I just got lucky? I've had a little bit of arch pain my first few times out skating with them but it wasn't terrible or extremely painful just a dull throbbing. Everytime I've gone it's gotten less and less..I was assuming as the skate broke in.

Oh and another question I had. I haven't had this issue any of the other times I went to a public skate..but last night I was having skate wobble issues with my left foot. It felt like it wasn't tight enough around my ankle and I kept retying them as tightly as possible to eliminate it but it always came back.

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