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12-30-2010, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by sakukoivu2003 View Post
Guys, I need a new package for my cellphone. I left for 4 months to Sweden as an exchange student, and I was with Virgin as prepaid card.

Now, I'm looking for a long run package (2-3 years).

I just need unlimited SMS and few calls, so I don't need to be with big carrier like Bell or Rogers (their cheapest package is like 30$).

There are 3 packages that have been proposed to me :

- 100 minutes (except Fido who is 100min but for seconds)
- Free SMS
- Unlimited on week-end and 6pm to 7am free on week days.

Videotron, Fido and Virgin propose this for 25$ a month.

What do you think? Which carrier is the best?
I dont know about the network of Videotron
But Fido --> Rogers network
Virgin --> Bell Network

Personnaly i'd go with Fido
im with them and the network is pretty good. I had been with bell for 3 years. Rogers network is the best for me (south shore

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