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12-30-2010, 04:04 PM
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Remember earlier I mentioned the Prelim fights on Saturday will be on ION television instead of Spike. Well check out this link:

I find a few things about this strange and does it point to a strained relationship with Spike at all?

I say this as when the WEC merger press conference was on. White in response to questions from media about criticism that there would be less overall fight events and events on tv. He said I can pick up the phone any time I want and put a new show on Spike tv any time I want. Then this ION thing comes up with very short notice (as in days) before the broadcast.

Then in this video link he mentions there is a gap on Spike and no prelims. Then when questioned further he seems to hint that Spike turned these Prelims down and were offered it.

To make things even more weird on my dvr guide it has Spike running UFC programming (an hour long special on the greatest submission in UFC history) in the same time slot against the Prelims on ION television.

I mean I am just happy to get the prelims at all. But despite White saying there is nothing up. It all seems a tad weird to me. Maybe Spike is trying to get their next deal sweetened or something and the UFC is hard balling them a bit? Total speculation on my part. Maybe White is correct that too much is being read into this?

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