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12-30-2010, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
I was just reprimanded by Lockar about attacking Murray on the boards. I responded with a plea for the troll to be dealt with by the mods so that we didn't have to.

What is the over/under he responds with a "FUUUU" and then proposes a trade **** to me?
JC is a ******.

The game isn't as broken as people think. In fact, any changes to a game's economy (or anything's economy, really) takes time to filter through. For people to be asking for crazy things like resets after FA has barely been implemented is just stupid.

Also, manually sorting teams into new leagues by, say, strength or budget would improve things but would be a huge undertaking that probably wouldn't be implemented smoothly.

So, instead, some people suggest the compromise of increasing promotion and relegation and JC gets all pissy. I really don't think he is a trolling. He, like a number of posters there, probably just has a mild form of OCD or something.

There is no point in doing a reset until the actual end of Beta (still probably two years away at this rate) and, by then, all of the bugged players will be on the decline or retired and there won't be a need for a reset anyway.

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