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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
Anyone who says, "Well, Campbell isn't involved in meetings regarding his son's team receiving disciplinary action."

I will give an anology:

Say you were to coach a high school basketball team which your boss' son played on. Now, of course your boss isn't directly correlated with your on the court decisions, but you can't deny that your decisions aren't swayed by the fact that he is, indeed, your boss. It would sure make the next day at the office unpleasant if you benched his son, not to mention at some point you may fear for your job security.

It has been made clear that Campbell is corrupt in dealings surrounding his son with referees employed under him, why wouldn't he be just as corrupt in dealings with someone who works directly under him, whom he sees every day and with whom he is probably best buds, playing golf and raining dollar bills at strippers during lunch every day?
Are you best buds with everyone you work with? Not sure you can assume that... and while Campbell is a *ing idiot, I'm pretty sure the NHL does make a serious effort to avoid familial bias in these situations, because those guys really don't need the Board of Governors and/or GMs collectively deciding they suck and that new folks need to be hired.

Jody Shelley is a goon... the NHL is quite consistent in goons receiving suspensions in situations where more marquee players (Lucic, for example) get off to a lesser extent. There is also the repeat offender thing (which nagged Briere) that they are also consistent in.

Where they F up is in the idiotic logic of getting to that point. For example, in the playoffs a couple years back when Campbell laid out the whole goon, and repeat offender logic in justifying why he didn't give whomever a suspension while suspending another player... all the while ignoring the fact that if you don't give a guy a record, he doesn't have that to work against him going forward. In Shelley's case, I'm pretty sure he was previously suspended for a cheap shot... so, there was no way he was getting out of there without a suspension.

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