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12-30-2010, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by goldfish View Post
I didn't get them baked. In hindsight, I should of waited for a more knowledgeable person to help me get skates. I was just excited and wanted to buy them ASAP. The girl who "helped" me get skates was slightly less then helpful. I put on the x:20's and said.."yea I mean it feels good I guess, I don't really know what I'm supposed to be feeling though?" She kinda stammered out that she didn't really know either. I tried on a few other models..I can't remember what they were but the x:20's definitely felt the best out of the 4 I tried.

The fitting on them is pretty good..I think. My feet are pretty normal..if anything a little bit on the narrower side which I've read is what the vapors are for. Maybe I just got lucky? I've had a little bit of arch pain my first few times out skating with them but it wasn't terrible or extremely painful just a dull throbbing. Everytime I've gone it's gotten less and less..I was assuming as the skate broke in.

Oh and another question I had. I haven't had this issue any of the other times I went to a public skate..but last night I was having skate wobble issues with my left foot. It felt like it wasn't tight enough around my ankle and I kept retying them as tightly as possible to eliminate it but it always came back.
X20s don't bake.

The wobble thing, the arch pain, and the blister are all from your skates being a bit to big for you. Your left foot is probably a bit smaller than your right foot and if your foot was cold it will even be a bit smaller than normal. I'm guessing that you are right handed and the right foot gives you less trouble than your left foot.
Try some supper feet foot beds that might help. the foot beds in the x20s are crap anyway.

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