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12-30-2010, 06:34 PM
Ward Cornell
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Originally Posted by Errettung View Post
I knew you weren't comparing them as players. Me saying Forwards are safer picks than defensemen kind of showed that.

And the Russian factor affects kids who aren't neccesairly the top pick. And as Burmistrov has shown last draft, and Namestinikov and Khokhachev will show in 2011, playiing in North America as a Russian definitely helps, as those two would not have had any chance as a first round draft pick if they stayed in Russia. Yakupov is a top talent, top 3 for sure right now, and he'l have at least 2 years in Canada. I easily see teams taking him over Ebert.

Like I said in my last post, if two players are similar in ranking, but ones a defensemen, teams will take the forward for BPA. I'm sure St Louis would have loved to had a Backstrom or Toews now, as EJ never turned into that franchise defensemen yet, as most expected him to.
If a NHL had the player depth(f and d) and patience to draft a d-man then could very well go for Ebert.
Of course for a team to have that depth and a high pick they would be a team that made a trade with Burkie.

The other factor in drafting a forward of a D is that most GM's of low placed teams are on a short leash and forwards makes more of an immediate impact and could save the GM's job for a year or two.

Of course a lot can change in 1 1/2 seasons and I wouldn't be surprised if the present top 15 list that 7 or 8 new players could be in it.

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