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Originally Posted by huntercp View Post
Valhoun, it's going to be 8-10 seasons before the bugged players are gone. Two calendar years is close to when most of the bugged players will be gone but I have a feeling the developers want the BETA tag to come off much sooner than that.

If you dig back through the talent bug threads Nik explicitly says that under the original plans the top pick of Canada 1.1 was supposed to be around a 75 AVG when he was completely finished developing. Just as an example I have a player that's 24 that has a 77 AVG that I drafted in 3.4 he's definitely bugged to hell and back.
Nik was also commenting on (in a positive way) and well aware of "bugged" players well before it became an issue.

In fact, it really only became an issue after he decided to implement pro leagues as an alternate revenue stream and was afraid that 1.1 would be so close to those leagues in talent that players wouldn't pay extra.

I don't want to get banned on the official forums but it is total ******** that players were ever bugged. Nik just wanted a greater separation from free and pay leagues.

He LITERALLY commented on other GMs great draft players (in a positive way) and wished they were on his team before he changed his tune. That is irrefutable.

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