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12-31-2010, 12:45 AM
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Just got back from the game. It sucked in person as much or more than it did on TV.

Smyth did NOT have a good game, his two goals aside. (One of those was a total luck play, anyways.) He made a real bad habit of passing up the middle, and coughed up the puck right at the defensive blue line at least three times.

Doughty was not moving his feet tonight.

The defense corps clearly did not have a good game tonight, but I thought the forwards were the big problem. All night, the wingers were much too far up the ice, and were unavailable for breakout passes. This meant that the Kings had virtually no structured breakout the whole game. To get the puck out of the zone they either had someone skate it up ice and dump it--which was relatively effective--or they tried to force a pass through the middle which the Flyers would pick off. It was brutal to watch. The Kings just kept trying to force plays through the middle, and it was just totally ineffective.

Credit to the Flyers, they shut down the center of the ice in their zone and the neutral zone as well as any team out there.

Not credit to the Flyers, their goalie was brutal. If they'd had a real goalie in, it wouldn't have been a game at all.

Simmonds had a good game.

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