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12-31-2010, 01:08 AM
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yup I completely agree with you the wiz is the real deal he deserves to be on the best NHL hockey team of all time which is our favorite team the Montreal Canadiens! James Wisniewski is our best defenceman right now IMO! I thought for sure those 3 beauty slap shots in the 1st which we dominated was gonna be scores it's a shame it would been 4-0 or 4-4 IMO! but aw well their is still 44 games most of them are at home! and we are very strong and very good and hard to beat at home! we won most our games at home! and still we still won at least 7 for sure maybe 8 or 9 games on the road this year! so yeah with what I just said with how many games left! and home games left! we now have HOME ADVANTAGE then road games after this I believe it's all good Pierre Gauthier just needs to get us a TOP 6 FORWARD IN 1 WEEK 2 WEEKS OR 3 WEEKS and then we will be all set to finally be able to score more goals more often and tie it up more often and thus finally winning more games! don't worry it's all good were gonna get a top 6 forward soon VERY soon if this BS continues! but either way yessssss we do need a top 6 forward and I hope pray wish that we get a top 6 forward from here to another 3 weeks! anyways it's all good were gonna win how many games we need to win and be at least 7th or 8th place in the playoffs for sure! and then were gonna finalllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy win the STANLEY CUP 25 TIMES! GO HABS GO!!!!!!!

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