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Originally Posted by Mizral View Post
I haven't watched all of Dynamite yet but so far the highlite of the night has to be the ending to the Aoki fight. Overeem on the other hand is the best heavyweight in the world right now. After the fight (about 4:37 in the video above) you could tell Duffee was just amazed with how good Alistair was and after the match you could see him tell him so. I don't know what Overeem said back to him but it looked like 'You were the only one who was filling to face me tonight'.
Overeem is not the best HW in the world. How does beating cans like James Thompson, Fujita, Goodridge, Duffee mean absolutely anything? He's only beaten 1 top 10 fighter in his last 10 fights (Rogers).

Velasquez and Lesnar are both unquestionably ranked higher. Arguably Big Nog, Junior Dos Santos, Fedor, Fabricio Werdum as well.

Overeem seems content to fight K-1 and endless meaningless MMA fights in Japan. He can't ever be number 1 unless he's in the UFC, based on the location of the current heavyweights.

Look at what happened to Fedor.... Dominates in Pride, then gets subbed by a guy that more or less flunked out of the UFC (Werdum). Beating Duffee means nothing, Overeem is not the best HW.

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