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10-08-2003, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by HotToddy
I don't agree that publicly dressing down athletes in sports is either common or effective. Management, Coaches, Players, Owners, whomever when critical of a team usually address the team as a whole. They rarely ever point at one player and say, he was terrible. Some exceptions are Bobby Clarke, George Steinbrenner but does the Oiler management want to be in the same breath as these two?

As for effectiveness I have one simple question. If you are an employee or an employer what is a better way of communicating your desire for improvement. Announcing in the coffee room,in front of everyone, that so and so needs to be more productive or taking that person in your office and telling them privately that you expect more.

Never mind how much they make or that the should have thick skin, the point is criticism should be handled internally. Telling everyone in town how dissapointed he was in York, Smyth, Salo and Comrie was a BAD move on Lowe's part as was bad mouthing Carter after he traded him. If he keeps this up we'll have no players who are happy to be drafted or traded to this organization.

dont EVER compare regular people with professional sports athletes.... i *work* for my money, not play a game for it.... and my boss is prolly a lot harder on me than most coaches are to the cry-baby professional athletes out there..... NEVER make that comparison again please

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