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06-22-2005, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by swinginutter

I know most of you already know about it. But how pathetic is the NHL right now. It takes the NBA about four days to hash out a deal, and will probably take the NHL four years to figure out that they have two boneheads that can't hash out a deal. What a disgrace!
Hoe pathetic for anyone to compare the problems of the NHL to the NBA.

The NBA already had;

1. Salary CAP, it was Raised. Players win
2. Luxury Tax
3. Revenue Sharing
4. MUCH MUCH Higher League Revenues
5. A HUGE F'ing TV Contract
6. They have 1/2 as many players than the NHL

The NHL had;


How many teams in the NHL MADE Money? 4-6

How many Teams in the NBA lost money? 2-3

The NHL completely started from scratch in rewriting the book. Which the NHLPA refused to do. I took the owners sticking to their word and telling Bob Goodenhow and the NHLPA to stick it. Now look who is going to win this CBA war. It certainly is not the players.

To compare these 2 CBA situation to each other is stupid!!!

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