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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
He has played a strong two-way game. On the PP he is winning puck battles, moving the puck to the point or open teammate and then planting himself in front of the net. This is obviously what the coaches want him to do. He made a great play on the first goal; a subtle chip pass off the boards which set up the whole play. He is a bigger, faster Brandon Dubinsky right now. But he does still appear raw when he doesn't have the puck in the O-zone. In the D-zone he is very good and scary actually because if he intercepts a pass to the point or the D-man loses control it's over; he's gone.

If he is coached properly and developed I believe he will be a 65 - 70 point guy at a minimum. He's not going to put up big numbers in this tournament because of the role he's playing but not to worry. Don't judge him on that this time around. Great to see Fasth score a big goal yesterday and Horak was very calm with the puck (although there was no room) and he plays with an edge. All good so far.
Well you do have to judge him on it at least somewhat however it also has to be tempered judgement. He's 19 I think right? Coming to THIS team it's better to be defensively responsible first otherwise you can't get the ice time. Responsible with the puck comes second, offense comes third. A lot of players on the team right now don't have a lot of offensive potential but are living up to their limit or near it because they are doing the first two things and getting the TOI. if CK lives up to HIS offensive potential or near it (Which could take 2-3 years in the pros just like Dubs, boyle, Cally, half the entire league over the course of its history) it could be an 80-90 point guy.

It has me drooling that I think he's a safe bet to develop into at least a perennial 60 guy which you can't draft always. But just like the judging should be tempered so too are my expectations. I expect it but I wouldn't expect others to. Besides stats though other facts seen and presented by SM and others include good passing, hitting, control along the boards, putting himself wide open when not with the puc(but his teammates aren't figgin passing). You could inference this means he's getting much better but without making an opinion or inference those are solid facts from this tourny. I'm not sure where this litany of "clueless without the puck" or looks "confused" is coming from those are opinions that I'm not sure are backed up by what we're seeing. He's not a top 5 prospect in the world he definitely doesn't have the IQ for that or I'm sure he'd be burying more but top 5 guys are future elite guarantees. We all know he's no guarantee and he's got to develop. He keeps putting himself wide open which seems pretty knowledgable to me...

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