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12-31-2010, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Yes, banking on a unknown rookie with little pro experience, no goalie coaching experience, and no NA experience to bring us to the promise land is the definition of smart.

Also, he talked to Nabokov and Turco before free agency even started and gave them what was, at the time, low-ball offers (at least for them). Then he signed Michael ****ing Leighton to be our starter before free agency even started. Any person with brains and common sense can tell that that isn't a serious attempt at fixing the goalie problem, especially considering that it was an oversaturated goalie market that summer.

He didn't explore the free agent market at all and obviously wasn't interested in trading for a goalie. Thus there was no legitimate attempt at fixing the goalie situation.

This is even without getting into the fact that he signed an NHL scrub in Leighton to be our starter and then, on top of that, he ended up being injured. He's lucky he fell ass backwards into Bobrovsky being ready enough to play this year.
Going to be interesting for sure heading now into the meat of the schedule. Things could get dicy if we don't have a goalie out of the 3 to take control between the pipes. They all seem somewhat capable behind this defense when its healthy to hold the fort for a number of games in a row... Boucher played nicely then had a bad game, Bob's done similarly but we also haven't had them show up and win games for us when the offense doesn't pot 4 goals, which won't be happening all the time as the season goes on and teams start clamping down.

It's troubling to see this team have a hard time putting teams away without having to bury them offensively, I'd love a 1-0 shut out once in a while where we don't need multi point games out of our skill players. Hopefully come trade deadline we have a clear understanding for what's at play in net for better, or for worse.

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