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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Sure it does, but it's still a major weakness and point of concern. Shouldn't ignore it just because we're tired of it.
I was answering your question as to why no one really talks about it. The thing is, it has been talked about, constantly, every month, year after year. Its just this season, alot of us took the "what can you do?" approach.

Not sure what you're implying here. The goalie and the defense affect each other significantly, it's the nature of the game. Thus why sometimes the goalie is to blame and sometimes the defense, in spite of whatever stats show otherwise.
Agreed, but many people dont see this. What the next game one of our goalies gets a shutout (especially Leighton). The defense will get 99% of the credit and our goalie will be called lucky.

From watching the games, using logic, and looking at player's track records, it's easy enough to tell that we have two garbage goalies and one extremely raw rookie as our NHL goalies.
Yep, and thats what it is most likely going to look at during playoffs, unless we trade one of Boucher or Leighton.

It probably won't change because our GM is Paul Holmgren, granted.
Yep and nothing one can do about it. Being honest, as much as I dislike him, as long as the team keeps on winning, Paul Holmgren will continue to be our GM.

Doesn't mean you can't be concerned about it, throw around some ideas, or at least discuss and acknowledge the problem though. Acknowledging and discussing a problem also isn't the same thing as complaining (a word that gets thrown around way too much by the way).
Like I said in the first part, it was in response to you asking why people arent talking about it. The topic has been discussed ad nauseum. Many things have been thrown around. For a real long time. New ideas arent really around anymore.

There's also the fact that this all goes back to our GM doing literally nothing to improve our NHL goalie situation back in the off-season, which was something that Homer received heavy criticism for.
Agreed, but I have to use a Paul Holmgrem quote "what can you do?" The Homer sucks thing is accepted by 97% of the people on this board so most wont argue with you there.

Not true at all really.

You can not sit on your ass in free agency when the market is literally over-filled with goalies. You can make a trade. You can cut someone. You can sign a free agent. Etc.
There is 0 evidence that the FA goalies out there would have been amazing behind our team. Should Homer tried have gotten Turco instead of rolling a Boucher/Leighton combo? Sure, but whats to say that Turco wouldnt have a terrible GA/Sv% also? Then we would be talking about how Homer should have went after "x" player instead of "y" player.

That's all ignoring the fact that you're acting as if all goalies are created equal here. A good goalie doesn't need the team to minimize the chances against to win. A goalie like Leighton does.

Acting as if the best a team can do to improve their goaltending is have their defense minimize chances against is exactly why our goaltending situation is crap, because our GM shares that philosophy.
Go to the Canucks board where Luongo gets ripped, or even the Habs board where Price still gets yelled at. But on your second part, a GOOD goalie isnt only classified on how he is played here, but also how his defense plays infront of him. Other then Thomas and Price, most of the other fans' goalies will all say their defense is greatly responsible.

Its hard to have a stacked offense, stacked defense, and a super goalie. There is no team in the league that has it. Thats where fans complain about different positions. Example Rangers have a good goalie but complain about offense. Bruins have a good goalie but complain about defense and offense.

Also multi quoting blows. Dont want to do that again.

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