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Originally Posted by twisted by dezign View Post
UFC has some awesome fighters but you sound like a UFC fanboy.

You discredit Werdrum too much. He is the best submission artist in the HW division. There is no shame in getting submitted by Werdum.

Lesnar can take a punch in terms of not getting KOed/TKOed right off the bat and has excellent wrestling but he doesn't have much MMA experience compared to many other fighters. He also loses his composure when he gets hit - yes, most of us would too getting hit by heavyweights but he honestly looks scared of taking punches. How would this help against a man like Overeem who has the ability to destroy fighters with iron chins (Fujita, anyone?) with K-1 level striking?

I say Overeem can battle it out with the best of them. Sure, I would love to see him in the UFC to see how he fares against the HWs there. You can't deny that Overeem is the best heavyweight striker in MMA and has improved exponentially since his foray into the HW division. Sure, Duffee may not be an elite fighter but I don't see anybody in the UFC taking him out in 19 seconds. If Duffee won everybody would be exclaiming how amazing Duffee is but since Overeem won everybody thinks that Duffee is a can.
Actually, I'm not a UFC fanboy, I've been watching MMA back when UFC 1 was on VHS, I can assure you that I know more then you will ever know about the sport.

You're talking about potential and not results. I think Duffee is a can based on getting one punched by a grapplier. Let's be honest, if Mike Russow can knock you out like that, so can everybody else in the heavyweight division.

As for Werdum, I'm not discrediting him. Go watch his fights against Kharitonov and Arlovski. He can't take you down, he can't win. Fedor was stupid for letting it get to the ground, it is very well established that if you can sprawl and brawl with Werdum, you will win.

Fujita hasn't won since 2008, and he got KO'd by Travis Wiuff. Iron chin, he's barely better then Cabbage.

You may not remember this, but it wasn't too long ago that Overeem was gassing in the first round against every fighter he couldn't overwhelm. He moved up from a tougher division to one with less depth. There are definately more quality light heavyweights then there are heavyweights, I mean look at Tim Sylvia, AA, and guys like Paul Buentello and Justin Eilers getting title shots.

Anyways, I can assure you that nobody with real knowledge of the sport (see MMAweekly, Sherdog top 10's, etc) would agree that Overeem is the best HW, your comment was incorrect, get over it fanboy.

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