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01-01-2011, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
I was on a holliday trip nearby L.A and i got to watch 5 games on Foxsports west, where i decided that for that time i would root for the Kings as if i was a life long fan with the rest of the familly. 1st thing i notice is if we took our biased point of views aside. 2 arguments for this thread.

We are one hell of a boring team!

Argument A
When the Kings were flat and nothing was going on, Murray would send his bottom 6 lines ( real bottom 6 lines) of Clifford-Handzus-Simmonds and Richardson-Lewis-Westgarth and those would straight out destroy everything that moves. For the 1st time in a very long time i felt like i was watching a hockey game instead of a Jacques Martin chess game. Who shakes the team when nothing goes well? Nobody!!!!!! I don't care that Martin brought us to the Eastern conference finals last season, this team shows 0 emotion, 0 hits, 0 fights, nothing...

Argument B
Now that i've made a case for the bottom 6 and the toughness part of the game let's talk about top players and talent. Of course some will probably start pointing out that we don't have a Doughty or a Kopitar on the Habs, and with both they would be right. BUT, one thing they do have that don't is freedom, it's fairly obvious that they don't play in a so tight system like we do. For a team that has system where puck control is important, we sure get rid of the puck fast compared to them, they don't skate so damn close to each other and when it's time to push forward for a shot or better yet a goal, they don't do it half way so that their back-checking doesn't suffer, and it makes it A LOT more exciting to watch.

We need change.
Like always I am agree with you.

And it's not only the Kings. All other teams have a physical bottom six who can change the momentum. My brother is a Colorado fan and I watch a lot of their games. When tthe other team take the lead, McLeod go on the ice, hit everybody and seek someone to drop the gloves. You have to change the momentum ! And McLeod is not a ''goon', he scores 15 goals 2 season ago.

And for the offensive, we make bad choice maybe. Our 4 best forwards cost 23 M$ !!!! In Colorado their entire top 6 make approximately 12 M$...

Oh and let's face it, The Senators are a lot more exciting than us !!!

EDIT : And my dad is a Bruins fan, I never want to sleep when I watch a game with him ! With the Habs it's an other story

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