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Originally Posted by chaosof99 View Post
Garbage Goal, I have one question for you: Who would you have signed instead?

Ellis, the guy who is completely falling apart in Tampa? Turco, who is having a pretty bad season in Chicago himself? Niemi, who is having identical stats to Turco on in my opinion a better team? Nabokov, who was impossible to be signed on the teams budget because he's a greedy son of a *****?

Who exactly would you have brought in the system? You seem to think that you can fix any problem overnight and seem to believe that you are a better general manager than Holmgren is, so who exactly would you have signed?
Apparently you missed my entire post where I said this:

Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
It's not that he didn't go after a specific goalie, it's that he literally didn't try at all and went with the worst goalie(s) possible. With the over-saturation of the market and knowing how much all those goalies signed for in retrospect, there's no reason why Homer couldn't have gotten one or even two goalies.

If he makes a decent free agent signing and it fails, fine, people will recognize that he did his best and there was nothing else he could do. As it is, he didn't even try and took the worst route possible. That's quite a feat of fail right there.

No one says we need "a super goalie". We're just asking for our GM to try and get an acceptable one. With acceptable meaning decent.
Also, a goalie posting stats somewhere else doesn't mean he's going to post the same stats here. Leighton, of all people, should have proven that to you by now.

I also never said that I would be a better GM then Paul Holmgren. So apparently you can't read and you're stuffing words in my mouth.

Do you know why nobody would have wanted to discuss it when we weren't having goalie troubles? Because they weren't having goalie troubles! Tautological, I know, because it's the ****ing truth. We didn't have ****ing goalie problems all year and in fact our goaltending was pretty outstanding all season long. At one point, both Bob and Boosh where in the top 10 of SV% and GAA.
Just because the problem is masked doesn't mean you can't acknowledge or discuss the possibility of it.

Then again, I'm sure Boosh is the type of goalie that can carry a team to a Cup and I'm sure rookies don't tend to flair out and get weaker as the season progresses. Leighton posted pretty stats last year too, but we knew he was a weakness anyways and look how that turned out in the end.

I would also argue that there isn't a goaltending problem right now (except trying to explore which of the three we're going to cut, and yes, it does seem like Leighton is the odd man out, though he deserves a few more games for that to be established). The key difference between the last couple of games and the games we've played before is simple to point out: Pronger. A lot of the goals we've given up as of recent have come out of defensive errors and the D-core needs to learn to get their **** together and function without Pronger.
It's a mix of our defense playing like crap and our goalies giving up weak goals and/or playing average. Our defense hasn't been good this road trip, but neither has our goaltending.

Goaltending could potentially work out for us in the end. I already acknowledged that. It's possible we could win the Cup, but just look at what I posted earlier:

Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I'm not saying we don't have what it takes to win the Cup, far from that, but relying on shaky goaltending isn't smart and last year showed that it isn't a safe bet. Granted, this team is better then last year's (at least on paper) and Bobrovsky is more talented then Leighton, but the point still stands.

I mean, these are the two guys we're relying on to be starters for a cup contender:

-22 years old
-No North American hockey experience prior to this season
-No goalie coaching experience prior to this season
-A career high of 35 games played in a season
-A total of 76 games played in his career prior to this season
-An NHL rookie with no AHL seasoning

-Shouldn't even have to explain why...but he's a career scrub that shows barely enough talent to even play in the NHL
-He also gave up quite possibly the worst Cup winning goal ever in the history of the NHL last year that lost us the Cup

I mean...why am I the only one who seems actively concerned about this?
If you don't see a problem there...then I have no clue what to tell you. We're relying on an extremely raw rookie that's looked average himself for quite a while now. If Bobrovsky doesn't work out then we're back to the same exact goalie duo as last year. It could work out in the end, but I doubt it.

It also doesn't help that the team has only scored 11 goals in 4 games either, 7 of which came in one game. Winning a hockey game takes more than a single player. It takes the whole team.
Depends on the game. Can't really make blanket statements like this because every game is different.

They've also given up 23 goals in the last four games. So scoring itself isn't the only problem. I can't remember as far back as the Florida game. There was only two goals blamable on the defense in the Vancouver game and Boosh did as well as I expect a backup to. The goaltending was extremely weak in the LA game and almost lost it for us despite scoring seven goals for. The goaltending in the last game was pretty mediocre to below average. That fifth goal against was slightly weak and two of the other four I would describe as "stoppable".

Your offense isn't gonna put up great numbers every night. Just like your defense isn't gonna put up a great performance every night or like your goalie won't either. Sometimes you need one of those three areas to shine to mask the deficiency of the others. Which is why two goals for should be good enough to win as long as the defense and goaltending play up to par.

Conversely, it is usually false to blame a single player for a loss. If you are going "Oh, we've been losing, it's the goaltending's fault, the goaltending's I tell you" you only show that you have no clue and have been drinking the Kool-Aid from other fans.
Again, blanket statements aren't a good way to go about things. Depends on the game. If the offense only scores five goals in the LA game then it's definitely Michael Leighton that lost us the game. Just like how he lost us the last game of the SCF.

I never said that goaltending is the reason we've been losing. It's been a reason, but the defense and offense haven't been doing well either. I'm discussing goaltending concerns, not our goaltending for the last three or so games.

I also have no clue what you expect from Bobrovsky. He's inexperienced yes, but when are we going to bring up a young player into a franchise goaltender that everybody wants us to have without him ever being inexperienced at first? He needs to get experience somehow.
Aside from the fact that you don't have to be in the NHL to get NA experience in, I never complained about Bobrovsky being in the NHL. So you're just making up stuff again or have really bad reading comprehension.

I also find your listing of lack of experience also somewhat humorous. Brodeur played a total of 32 AHL games. Price played 12. So ****ing what? "AHL seasoning" is something that can be helpful and can be desirable, but it isn't a necessity and it isn't what makes a goaltender great.
What a crappy comparison. Ignoring the fact that you just compared a raw rookie that has yet to prove anything to Brodeur and Price, the comparison makes no sense.

Brodeur had around 200 games of NA experience before his first serious stint in the NHL and Price has over 200 games of NA experience in the WHL and AHL in his career. They also have both had goalie coaches throughout the majority of their careers, had many more career games played in pro leagues then Bobrovsky had coming into this season, and probably also had bigger career highs in games played then Bobrovsky had coming into this seaosn.

Even besides all that, you're missing the point. I never said Bobrovsky needed to be in the AHL. So, again, you have really bad reading comprehension or you're making stuff up.

But since you have all the answers, tell me, what would you have done if you were in Holmgren's position?
Yeah, never said I have all the answer. So thanks for making **** up again for about the fourth or fifth time.

As for the goalie situation, I would have at least made an attempt to sign a good free agent in the summer. That and not overpay Michael ****ing Leighton, of all people, to be our starter. Or at least dump Boosh.

Originally Posted by ChumpyG View Post
I like contradictions.
You need to learn the definition of what the word contradiction means.

Before free agency began isn't free agency. It's before it. Just like before Winter isn't Winter.

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