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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
In the span of one game, just before the fourth game of the series (the elimination game coincidentally) we got our best winger back from injury and Richards took out the Bruins best forward. That alone completely reversed the fortunes of the teams.

Satan and Krejci, who played together, were tearing us up in the first three games. They combined for nine points in three games against us with both of them being at least PPG. It was pretty clear that Krejci was driving that offense.

With Krejci the Bruins scored 12 goals in three games, which is 3 goals per game. Without him they scored eight goals in four games for an average of two goals per game.

With Krejci Satan had five points in three games. Without him, Satan had 0 points in four games. Huge difference there.

So, losing Krejci alone did us wonders. Now factor in Gagne. He had 4 goals and an assist in four games for a total of 5 points in four games. Three of those four goals were game winning goals.

Without Gagne the Flyers scored 7 goals in 3 games, just over two goals a game. With Gagne the Flyers scored 15 goals in four games for almost four goals per game.

So, those two things alone were definitely what won us that series.
You fail to mention the Flyers played the entire series without their best goal scorer. Obviously we will never know what would have happened had both teams been completely healthy that series, however, I don't think that series would have gone 7 games and the Flyers never would have been in a 3-0 hole.

I am aware losing Carter helped set up the Briere line which was very crucial, but the Flyers ran over a Devils team with a completely healthy lineup.

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