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01-01-2011, 01:06 PM
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This is not a bad idea and one that the province should actually study. I thought of the same thing a year ago but was shut down pretty quickly when I approached a friend of mine who is a politician (will remain nameless). He says no way would the government ever do anything like that. The doctor argument is the best example of why. But in all fairness the government does fund sports in this country and hockey is our national pass time and should get most of the attention when it comes to entertainment funding. It's not a bad thing when government gets involved with our entertainment. Just look at the Olympics and what they did for our economy.
Best case scenario would be a net cap in the NHL. Salary caps would be calculated according to net amounts a player makes and not the gross. But I don't think Bettman would ever do that.
Another option would be tax equality rules were the players are taxed based on the lowest tax bracket you would find in any other NHL city. For example Nashville is at 35%, the lowest in the NHL, then we should tax our players at 35% too. That's what we should study. The money we'll lose in taxes might not be that much at the end of it.
And on the other hand, our team will be more competitive, make it further in the playoffs every year, and generate more money for the city of Montreal in other ways like bars and restaurants and the downtown area being jammed pack for an extra 10 days a year. I think the revenue of that will, by far, out way the revenue made on income taxes of 23 people who will be taxed in a lower bracket.
Obviously this is not a fact but my opinion, and thatís why we should actually study this idea.

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