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01-01-2011, 02:27 PM
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Regarding the U20s: Yes, I agree with some of what you say, but it doesn´t mean that they can out in a heartless effort like they´re doing. Very disappointed with pretty much everyone not named Richard Pánik on offense, especially the CHL guys (and between them especially Kudrna has been somewhere between invisible and atrocious) as I didn´t expect anything much offensively from them. I remember last year when we argued about the number of CHL players on the team and this showing only supported my opinion from last year that asides the top notch players like Pánik, Tatar, Marinčin etc. it really doesn´t matter whether they take the CHL guys or the HK Orange guys, we just suck. For all I know they could take a bunch of kids from prípravka and they wouldn´t perform much worse than some of the players, well actually those little kids might actually put some heart into it. Anyway, I am disappointed once again with the U20 showing, especially since I´ve been looking forward to it for a few weeks prior and will continue to be disappointed for a few more days, but hopefully in a few years some of these guys will develop into some good players and never will look back at this then.

Have you actually seen either of the U17s games? Doesn´t really seem like such a strong effort when in both games we´ve had one period where we´ve managed 2 fraking shots. Btw Topoľčany guy name´s Matej Paulovič, he got named best player for Slovakia in the first game against Ontario.

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