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01-01-2011, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by reverend duder View Post
i was at the game and here is my two cents:

leighton was awful. i shat a brick every time the kings took a shot. he was often out of position and let in soft goals not too mention another one that almost went in from another improbable angle. i was not happy when i heard leighton would be in net as this was my one chance to see the flyers live this year. it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

some poor defensive positioning and poor zone clearing. inconsistent forechecking. some nice goals and pretty shots. not enough hitting by the flyers. i love lavi more every game, hes not afraid to make changes to get results. lavi is also the best timeout caller i have ever seen, fwiw. not the best game i have seen but watching a win is always good. i expect to see a well oiled machine come playoff time.

plenty of flyers fans in the house. kings fans are weak. their favorite come back is go get a cheese steak. last year i responded with atleast we have something thats ours what do you guys have? the kings fan answer "we have SUSHI"...after i was done laughing i explained to the poor ignorant soul that sushi is japanese....that sums up king fans. lots of flyer families in the house which is nice to see, start them off young. there was a family sitting next to me and it was the one kids first flyers game. there was another family a few rows back and after some yappin by a stupid kings fans this nine year old flyers girl told him "you smell like dirty feet". i was dying with laughter!!! a nine year old girl flyers fan telling off a grown kings fan! awesome, just awesome.
This works brilliantly on two levels given the amount of former Flyers that seem to make their way to or through the Kings organization.

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