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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
I agree with most of what you say also, though I think you are a little harsh. The team has been pathetic for sure, but careful with your expectations. I saw a nice post on, a guy wrote that even in a year they were totally healthy and had Hossa, Cisar, Nagy, Nemec, etc. on the roster, they were getting killed. In this level of competition and playing with 4-5 defenders, you must expect 6-0 losses. No collection of players from SVK would do any better than this bunch in their circumstances.

With regards to Kudrna, as chosen by the Germany coaching staff, he was Slovakia's most valuable player in their only win so far. But you won't get any argument from me with regard to Andrej. I wonder how SVK benefits from leaving Bortnak and Kudrna off the team last year and throwing them in this year with no experience. I will answer my own question, they should have been fourth liners on the team last year.
I donīt think Iīm being too harsh. Yes, Iīm very well aware that finishing 7th-9th has been normal for various Slovak U20 teams in the past, far more talented sides, the best example of that the 1999/2000 team. But while we finished at around the same positions, the way we got there was different- we usually didnīt get blown out in all the games but with the ones with Canada usually. However never have been the results as pathetic as these last few years. We suck- that is the reality and the sooner we acknowledge it and do something about it, the better, Iīs day youīd agree ont his with me. And if the IIHF goes with the new format for the lower divisions, once we get to Division I (and it will happen sooner or later), it wonīt be easy at all to get back. Itīs time to cancel the whole HK Orange (itīs only objective not to get relegated is not worth all the money, especially if we actually get relegated) things and start right where the problem starts- with the youngets 4-10 year old kids- I think there is enough countries to take inspiration from- Canada, USA and Sweden. Maybe Orange can give the money to pay the expenses for travelling to the U16 teams and we can finally establish a top level U16 league, because from I gather everyone but SZĽH wants one. (well, the smaller weaker teams would of course disagree, but....)

And letīs not just blame everything on the loss of Marinčin and Hraško. Look at the Swiss last year, they lost both Sbisa and Josi and made it all the way to the semifinals. (And I know they had 6 other D-men back then, but none of them was at least a bit as good as the two injured guys).

Iīm not sure whether any collection of SVK players would do any better, but Iīm pretty sure that no collection but our recent IHWC teams would put lesser effort into it.

You seriously think that playing >10 minutes or warming the bench in last years group games and then playing Austria in the relegation round would have any serious influence on the way those guys played this year? Theyīve both been playing in the WHL for the third year now, if that didnīt help them, this certainly wouldnīt.

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